the workout


The Butcher Shop Fitness offers intense 50-minute Lagree Fitness total body workouts designed to take your body to its limits. This workout is for everyone. We repeat: this workout is for everyone. Men and women, all fitness levels. We provide adjustments and modifications to push everyone to the max.

Here’s a little science behind our butchery: a muscle only strengthens when it is forced to operate beyond its customary intensity. In other words, unless you really push it, you won’t really work it--and you won’t make the cut. But have no fear--the butcher is here. Our Lagree Fitness method stimulates muscles so you’ll get cut quicker and see quicker results. The controlled movements are to be performed slowly--forcing muscles to stay contracted throughout the entire range of motion. Lagree Fitness exercises are intense enough to stimulate strengthening with minimal stress to the joints and spine. 

And, before you start thinking you’ll look like the Hulk, know that the Lagree Method is about strengthening but also elongating your muscles.