CC is no joke. Don’t let her smile fool you–she’s a drill sergeant. Someone that pushes you to the very edge and lovingly nudges you off a cliff (in the best way). You’ll leave wondering how you did what you did, how you made the cut–but then you’ll realize you had that strength all along. CC just helped you find it. You won’t give up with CC–she won’t let you. CC has been a fitness junkie her whole life. And when she moved from Colorado to Columbus, she wanted to find a community. She found that with The Butcher Shop--the best workout with the best family.



From the windy city to the 614, Britt has been a fan of Lagree since 2017. Her favorite part? It’s a constant challenge and introduces muscles you never knew you had. Britt became an instructor because, when you fall in love with something, ya gotta share it with the world. While teaching, she likes to focus on the basics--the best of the best in Lagree and music. Britt loves The Butcher Shop because, at the end of the day, it’s good people doing good things. Oh, and she’ll know your name by the end of class. Promise.


Stephanie P.

She heard it from a friend, who’d, heard it from a friend who’d, heard it from another they were getting cut at The Butcher Shop. Steph fell in love with Lagree’s challenging workout and has been helping Butcher Shop clients experience that same challenge (and transformation) ever since. In fact, in all her years as an instructor, she has never seen such fast transformation. Steph loves the workout and watching her clients succeed. Period.



Imagine a walking cup of coffee with a smile. You know, those people who have so much positive energy that you just can’t help but be a little happier after being around them? That’s our Chelsey. She teaches at the crack of dawn and everyone leaves her class better and plenty sore. She takes great satisfaction in sore abs and helping others achieve that same result. Because there’s nothing better than helping others love themselves and get those endorphins going. As Chelsey reminds us, “In the words of Elle Woods, ‘Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!’” Roger that.



From Butcher Shop client to Butcher Shop owner, it was love at first sight for Phoebe and the MegaFormer. With all the distractions life provides, Phoebe loves how focused and fully present you need to be during these workouts. As an instructor, she’s inspired by clients who take every challenge and pulse to better themselves. She gives you a hearty smile before she kicks your tail. And, don’t let the former elementary school teacher fool you–she’s lobbying for Juvenile’s “Slow Motion” to become the official song of The Butcher Shop. No joke.



Five years ago, Nano met the Mega. It was Mega. She couldn’t believe the muscles this workout worked out. And, she’s a hustler. So she was smitten from the start. Add some pretty amazing people to the mix and Nano is proud to call The Butcher Shop her home away from home. She strives to live every day to its fullest–spending time with fam, working on her biz, and pinning all the Pins.



After her first class at The Butcher Shop, no other workout would make the cut for Brenna. She loved the quick results and immediate introduction to muscles she never knew existed...well, hello there! Her teaching style is energetic and always evolving. Brenna is a Butcher who knows exactly how to get your muscles to reach failure. Her weapon of choice, pulses and slow counts. She loves The Butcher Shop family and how quickly clients become friends. Don’t be surprised if Bruno Mars regularly makes the cut on her playlist.⁣



She inspires, motivates, and cheers her people on--with a little hip hop and R & B along the way. Leslie’s classes are a mix of positivity, gratitude and nasty beat drops. She knows you only have so many hours in the day and she’s honored that clients choose to spend one of them with her. Leslie also loves the science behind Lagree--how to fatigue certain muscle groups to call the others off the bench. Put. Me. In. Coach. They’re ready to play. Today.



It was love at first cut for Emily. After taking a class at The Butcher Shop Fitness, this now reformed cardio-junkie realized she didn’t need to spend hours running to get results she wanted. She just needed a good butcher in her life. Thankfully, Emily's best friend and Butcher Shop Fitness instructor Alessandra played matchmaker. Lagree meet Emily. Emily meet Lagree. It was definitely meant to be. Emily loves helping her clients reach their full potential. She’s also a form fanatic (which we love). When you take her class, don’t be surprised if she’s constantly on the move–offering modifications, corrections to help clients, and the occasional dance move to Trap.



Rachelle stumbled into The Butcher Shop looking for meat. No, really. True story. She thought it was an actual butcher shop. Then, she looked at the prices, thought they were ridiculous, but decided you get what you pay for in life and gave the Lagree Method a shot. Rachelle then took classes twice a day for two months, flew to Boulder to get certified, and became an instructor. Extreme? Maybe. Completely Rachelle? Totally. She’s no-nonsense. She wants her students to be safe, comfortable, and challenged. In her own words, “everyone just needs to move a little bit more, be a little bit more in tune with their body, and not underestimate the power of mind-body connection”.



Jamie has been teaching Lagree for almost five years. Why? Because nothing compares–nothing compares–to that beautiful MegaFormer. Shaking muscles, racing thoughts, questioning almost every second–and, then, the 50 minutes are over, and you feel accomplished AF. Time flies when Miss J (we think she might have been a DJ in a former life) puts on her mix. It’s the secret ingredient, the special sauce, of her cut. But, as she reminds all of her clients, it’s their workout, she’s just there to guide you through it…while sprinkling in some old school hip hop along the way.



You won’t be sorry taking a class with Pari. She’s the instructor you love to hate. In other words, you’ll get your money’s worth. You’ll receive the finest, most defined cuts after her challenging class. Of course, you might mumble or grumble…or even think of a few choice words while you’re on the MegaFormer, but you’ll be oh so thankful for our Pari when you realize what she helped you accomplish.

Pari’s inspired by her fellow butchers’ and clients’ change over time. Because, no matter where you’re at in the Lagree game, it only becomes more challenging because you’ll never plateau. We encourage you to take one of Pari’s classes, listen to some old-school hip hop, work for the cuts, and enjoy the gains.



Alessandra was in LA the first time she hopped on a MegaFormer...and she was sore for over. a. week. This west-coast transplant brought her Lagree love to Ohio and started teaching at The Butcher Shop. Alessandra appreciates the mental and physical benefits of exercise. As she describes, working out is her therapy, an escape from the world and an opportunity to work on herself. She always leaves class stronger. Alessandra’s inspired by the clients and instructors. They have hectic lives but they choose to commit and belong to a community bettering themselves. She’s also down for cookies. Anytime.