Don’t be intimidated. Get excited.

Because, at The Butcher Shop, we make sure everyone succeeds.
And that starts before you enter ours doors.


We have different classes for different levels.

New to The Butcher Shop Fitness? We have a class for that. Want a mix of cardio and Lagree? We have a class for that. Can’t get enough of the Lagree method? Yes, we have a class for that as well.

We keep classes small.

No need to drown in a sea of confusion. Each class is capped at 12, providing individuals with the personal instruction and attention they deserve.

We have everything you need. 

In order to use the MegaFormer, you’ll need a pair of grippy socks. If you don’t own a pair, we have them available for purchase in our shop.

We listen.

Ask questions. Share comments. We listen, because we care. We want you to reach all of your goals.


Full Body Lagree

All levels are welcome for this lengthening, strengthening, and toning workout. Each client will be challenged accordingly. Prepare for your muscles to say ‘hello’ the next day–because they’ll be worked like they never have before, yielding top cuts and quality results.


An excellent class for beginners and those looking to gain confidence on the MegaFormer. Become an expert on Lagree moves and master quick transitions. This class provides in-depth instruction and options for modifications. Gain confidence, lose inches. Win win.


The best of both worlds. Thirty minutes of high-intensity interval training followed by thirty minutes of MegaFormer magic. Burn fat, tone muscle, and improve your endurance? Sounds too good to be true. But it isn’t. (Be sure to wear your tennis shoes!)